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Pirkei Avi - Lessons of My Father

Cantor Martin Goldstein continues a tradition of seven generations of Chazanut in this latest release.  We delve into the realms of the Yiddish experience with Gott is Einer and A'Pastuchl.  Traditional Chazanut is represented in the selections M'Vorchim Hachodesh, Sheyiboneh and U'Veshofar Gadol, and the world of modern Hebrew music in the remaining songs.  We hope this music will bring a touch of joy, with a tinge of sadness for things gone by, and hope for the future with the future with the coming of Moshiach and peace on Earth. 


1992 ZAHAV Productions ASCAP

"These [songs] are all very close to my heart and I know my Father would appreciate the choices, may he rest in peace."


  1. Gott is Einer
  2. M'Vorchim Hachodesh
  3. Eliyahu Hanavi
  4. A'Pastuchl, A Troimer
  5. Adon Olam
  6. Sheyiboneh Beis Hamikdash
  7. Shabbos Means to Me
  8. U'Veshofar Gadol
  9. Chassidic Medley
  10. Hallelu Et Hashem

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